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North Gwinnett GBL Travel Basketball

What is North Gwinnett GBL Travel Basketball?
The North Gwinnett GBL Travel Basketball program is a highly competitive youth basketball program affiliated with the Gwinnett Basketball League (“GBL”).  The North Gwinnett GBL Travel program strives to develop boys and girls in the 5th, 6th, and 7th grades with advanced basketball skills to compete against the GBL programs from other Gwinnett County cluster schools.  The primary goal of the GBL program is to prepare players for more advanced basketball competition in the future.  All players interested in participating on a GBL Team should be willing to commit to a more intense practice and game schedule.  Playing time is not guaranteed it is earned, and is at the coach’s discretion for all players on any given team.  If playing time is an important factor for the young athletes where they are guaranteed two (2) quarters minimum, then they should register for North Gwinnett Basketball Association (“NGBA”) Recreational League beginning on September 10, 2020.

How much does it cost?
The NGBA GBL Registration Fee for 2019/20 is $TBD for each player on a team.  The registration fee includes the player’s uniform (reversible jersey and shorts), GBL team registration fees, practice gym rental and game referees.  Additional cost, at team discretion, may apply for items such as uniform accessories, trophies, etc. There are no multi-player discounts, coach’s discounts, and no individual player scholarships available for NGBA GBL teams.  Each game site hosting GBL games will charge a Gate Fee for all spectators, this fee is established by the GBL Board.

How do I register for GBL?
Players DO NOT pay any registration fees prior to trying out for the NGBA GBL teams.  All players wanting to tryout must respond to the Head Coach for your player’s grade level.   In your email to the Head Coach, please provide your name along with your player’s name, contact information (cell phone), school attending for this coming school year, grade, and list all previous basketball playing experience.

Within two (2) weeks of the teams being selected by the Head Coaches, a mandatory GBL team meeting will be held where all players and parents/guardians will take care of the following items:

- Register for GBL and Pay Registration Fees of $TBD to NGBA GBL
- Fitted for Uniform
- Provide a Birth Certificate and Current Report Card (GCPS Parent Portal printout)

When are tryouts?
All NGBA GBL tryouts will be conducted at North Gwinnett High School Main Gymnasium.  All prospective players are expected to attend all tryout sessions unless notified by the Head Coach differently.  Please make sure to arrive at least ten (10) minutes early for check-in, the following dates and times are the specific tryouts for each grade level team:

North Gwinnett GBL Open Tryouts



5th Boys

6th Boys

7th Boys

6th Girls

7th Girls



NGHS Main Gym



Wednesday 08/28/19





What are the eligibility requirements?

To be eligible to play on a NGBA GBL team, all players must meet the following criteria:

1.  Must be currently enrolled in a North Gwinnett Cluster school.  Players attending Private School or Home School must live within the geographic boundaries of the North Gwinnett Cluster.  If the Private School that the player attends has a GBL team for their specific grade, then that player is NOT eligible to participate for NGBA GBL teams.

Current 2019/2020 North Gwinnett Cluster Map:

2.  Teams are fielded for both Boys and Girls at the 5th (4th Graders may participate on 5th Grade Team if approved by the NGBA GBL Director), 6th, and 7th grade levels.  All players must attend the tryouts for the team at their grade level.  The general rule for playing up is only when no team exists for their grade level may a player "play-up" at the next higher grade level.  Any players playing up must be approved by the NGBA Basketball GBL Director.  Availability of teams for each grade level is based on participation levels and may result in NGBA not fielding teams for certain grades.

3.  All players must meet the same academic eligibility requirements as the Middle School 8th Grade teams.  NGBA Recreational Basketball League has both boys and girls leagues for all athletes from Kindergarten through their Senior year of High School who do not meet these eligibility requirements or make the NGBA GBL teams.

What if my child attends a school not in the North Gwinnett District?
The GBL Travel League restricts eligibility for teams based on High School Clusters; therefore, individuals wishing to play in the GBL Travel League who live in the North Gwinnett Cluster must play GBL for North Gwinnett Basketball Association.  If a player attends a private school while living in the North Gwinnett Cluster, he/she is eligible to participate in the North Gwinnett GBL Program provided their private school does not participate in the GBL program.  Alternatively, the NGBA Recreational Basketball League is open to all students regardless of school or residence. 

When do GBL practices and games begin?
The start of practices will vary by team, but in most cases teams will begin practicing as early as September.  The practices will consist of two (2) 90minute full court practices a week with two (2) games each weekend beginning in November.

Here are key events/dates for 2019/20 GBL Teams:

Uniform Fitting/Parent Meeting                   TBD

Start of NGBA Practices                             TBD

Lanier Jamboree                                         TBD

GBL Coaches Meeting                                TBD

GBL Jamboree                                           TBD

Start of GBL Games                                   TBD 

Start of GBL Playoffs                                  TBD

End of Season                                            Feb 2020

After the season begins, all NGBA GBL teams will practice a minimum of two (2) times per week and play two (2) games each weekend (typically one Saturday, and one Sunday).  GBL Basketball is a large commitment of time by the player and their families.  All players are expected to attend every practice and game.  Should the commitment become too much, the player may be asked to leave the team and there are no refunds for NGBA GBL.

Where do the GBL teams practice/play?
Practices are held at the North Gwinnett Cluster School Gyms with some practices being held at auxiliary sites as communicated by your Head Coach.  There may be an occasion where the team travels to another location because of some available gym time or for a scrimmage against another team.  The Head Coach of each team will coordinate this and communicate with as much advanced notice as possible.

All games are played in Gwinnett County at either Suwanee Sports Academy or several participating High School Gyms within the County.

If you are interested in being considered for a Head coaching position, please email Eric Johansen. Make sure you include your coaching experience, age/gender group you are interested in coaching and your coaching philosophy.

2019/2020 NGBA Head Coaches:

6th Grade Girls         Paxton Briley           404-993-0559cell                       

7th Grade Girls          TBD

5th Grade Boys        Brian Sellers            706-344-8077cell

6th Grade Boys        Jay Gunn                 404-484-3594cell

7th Grade Boys        David Morton           404-403-1780cell

GBL Director           Eric Johansen        678-571-4843cell


For more information on the GBL program, please visit the website at